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Senior Engineering Scientist at the University of Texas Center for Electromechanics

Michael Lewis in a Senior Engineering Scientist with over 20 years of experience in advanced research and technology development at the University of Texas Center for Electromechanics. Mr. Lewis’ early research focused on the development of an advanced high-speed generator for an electromagnetic aircraft launching system. 

Today he leads the center’s hydrogen energy program, which began in 2006 with the first commercial fuel cell vehicle and hydrogen fueling station in Texas. His team has developed, built, and tested fuel cell hybrid vehicles ranging from small neighborhood electric vehicles to transit bus to medium duty trucks and vans. In addition, his research has included alternative hydrogen generation mechanisms, novel storage vessels, and compressor and expanders for hydrogen fueling. 

Mr. Lewis is a past recipient of a Department of Energy ARPA-E award for home refueling of natural gas vehicles, and he was recently awarded a DOE H2@Scale demonstration project in Austin, TX.

Michael Lewis: TeamMember
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