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Global Portfolio & Team lead Hydrogen Supply Chain Development, Royal Dutch Shell

A globally recognized expert in the field of Hydrogen energy, Nikunj holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston and a Management degree from Rensselaer – Lally School (RPI). He has 20 years of global industry experience in the area of alternative energies and sustainability, with portfolio focus on Hydrogen. Nikunj has 15+ patents in this domain and many more peer-reviewed journal articles. Nikunj also serves as a reviewer for numerous hydrogen & chemical engineering journals.

Nikunj was a member of several US DOE hydrogen program tech teams from 2006-2011 and served as co-chair for Hydrogen Production Tech Team (HPPT), where he was instrumental in developing the first hydrogen production roadmap. He also served as Shell lead representative on FOG/JOG (Fuels Operations Group/Joint Operations Group) of the US DRIVE partnership.

His experience in sustainability, mining & mineral management is due to family heritage and childhood spent in managing these assets. As well he has personal interests in the field of solar energy and following emerging market trends.
Nikunj is a US citizen and is currently based in Houston, Texas.

Nikunj Gupta: TeamMember
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